Little Petface

Perfect for playful pups

Our unique designed range of toys, bedding, feeding accessories, collars and leads have been created to cater for very young dogs who need that extra special care and attention. All our toys are designed to give your puppy or young dog hours of fun, developing their play skills and keeping their little mouths busy and satisfied. 


For little sleep heads, our puppy beds are made from cosy jumbo cord and super soft fleece. Their deep sides are firm enough to keep puppy feeling safe and secure when getting used to their new home and surroundings.


Little mouths need little bowls for small and many meals. We do a great range of puppy and kitten ceramic bowls with co-ordinating placemats.

Collars, Leads and Harnesses

Exercise is vitally important to puppies, to develop healthy muscles, to maintain fitness and to develop behaviour. Our perfectly sized collars, leads and harnesses are designed in fun, bright colours, perfect for every day walks as well as those all important puppy training classes.

Soft toys

We have developed a small range of soft play toys for very young puppies. Light and soft for playful games, these cord character soft toys and cute comforters are great to keep puppy both entertained and company when snuggled up.

Chew toys

Puppies love nothing better than to chew and cut their developing adult teeth on firm surfaces. We do a range of chews that can be chilled or are milk flavoured to sooth and gnaw on, tempting new puppies away from unsuitable furniture and other household objects.