App design
& mobile web design

Design is one of key factors in an app’s success. Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing UI (user interface) that delivers a smooth flowing user experience (UX). Our award winning design team is filled with original thinking creatives who can come up with trend-setting and unique design patterns while maintaining a perfect user experience.

Concept development

This initial brainstorming phase is where we throw all the ideas in the pot and start to ask a number of the question to help build a creative brief for the application and ensure the app has the right foundation to be built upon.


It’s important that the ideas and wish list of functions for the app are clearly defined and have a purpose. We will recommend which features should be in your initial app release and help to clarify the reasons behind some features being within the scope of the project or outside of the scope. Small changes to scope can have a dramatic effect on the overall project costs so we will make it clear where the projects costs are and what part of the functionality they represent. There may be a number of rounds of scoping as we refine the app definition and modify project timing to suit both the objectives of the app and the constraints such as initial budget.


The architecture is the logic of the app, by that we mean how does the user navigate around, what’s the flow of information and the overall experience we are offering. navigation.

Art direction and user Interface design

In this stage, the initial design of how an app looks and feels to use is considered. Peek will develop sample screens that capture the overall style and character of the project. Once agreed a complete set of user interface (UI) assets are created. With this set of designs, all screens and components for the app will be defined and a full library of screens is provided for your approval.


We will develop the app virtually showing the user interface in the app and it’s interaction, design functionality. This along with any required interface specifications will provide a step through of the complete application before a line of code has been written. This is a valuable process, changing a button or adding a form once the app is built costs a lot more than getting it right in the first place. A strict project specification process results in reduced costs for our customers and a more refined app experience for your consumer.

Call Steve or Sarah-Jane to discuss your next app or mobile web project on 01223 900121.

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App design
& mobile web design

It’s important that the ideas and wish list of functions for the app are clearly defined and have a purpose... Click here to read more

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