Mobile thinking & strategic consultancy
for app development

Peek can help you make your business mobile through a range of services, each expertly delivered through our user experience development process. Building a mobile strategy is more than just having your own application. It means working with third-party mobile apps, mobile ad networks, and using offline marketing to drive further use of the app.

Starting with your existing business goals and vision, we can work with you to create and deliver a tailored mobile strategy. We’ll work with you to understand the use cases for a mobile app and whether its mobile web, or a mobile application that is the best solution.

App development workshop

A good strategy is developed by asking questions, lots of questions. What are you hoping to achieve with the first release version? How does your app relate to the trends in the marketplace? How do users engage with your app? We will listen, learn and understand everything we can about your market, your perceptions and goals. All of this information serves as the foundation for our own analysis and distillation of information that evolves into a strategic plan and recommendation plan.

Strategy workshops are hosted in our studio’s in Barkway and run by company director Steve Creamer. This workshop is a dynamic and engaging experience designed to capture as much insight and scope as possible at the beginning of the project. Fueled by giant post-it notes, coffee and home made biscuits, this discovery process will yield a set of key findings and parameters that will frame the analysis and strategy work to be done following the session. Our team will then prepare and deliver an App Recommendation Plan for you to review. With notes and feedback to this, a final App Development Plan is agreed along with any related quotes for the app development.

To book your App development workshop please call Sarah-Jane on 01223 900121 or 020 7060 5121.

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Mobile thinking & strategic consultancy
for app development

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